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Sometimes On Wednesday, 
at the Singers/Songwriters Night


The Coffee Tree,
7900 Bailey Cove Road
Huntsville, AL
(across from Grissom High School)

Sometimes on Tuesday
at the Musicians Therapy Session with Chapman James


CD's Bar and Grill

Madison, AL

October, 2010

November, 2010

2009 Venues

"Looking forward to another great time with Rodney and the gang there"
Sam Ash Music Store
14200 Beach Boulevard, Westminster, CA 92683
(One block south of Westminster Avenue.)
Venue phone for directions: (714) 899-2122

Had a Great Time at Ghenghis COhen's....Thanks to All the gang at SongsAlive!!!

Performed at SongsAlive Showcase at Ghenghis Cohen's, on June 9th, in Los Angeles.
Show starts at 7:30 PM.
Cover is $8.00
Address and Phone for Reservations:
740 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 653-0640

Was selected as Songsalive Member of the Month for March, 2009.   Thanks to SongAlive for the honor!! Read more about Songsalive at www.songsalive.net.

Working on a couple of new songs.
Hope to have the first version of "Where Did You Go", I Won't Give Up" and "It's Another Day in Paradise" up within the next couple of weeks, Plus 2 otherr new songs are about 80% done.....I performed "Where Did You Go" for the first time at Hallenbecks ane then again at the Sam Ash show. It went over very well. Everyone seemed to really like the song.

Had a great time
with Rodney and the gang at the showcase held at the Sam Ash store in Westminster/Orange County. All the guys (and gals) there were great to work with and we had a wonderful and receptive crowd on Saint Patricks Day. A Very Special Thanks to Rodney Stansfield,  and the gang at Sam Ash. Thanks for the encouragment from Kip and Rodney.


February 24, 2009:
We all are very concious of the state of the USA and the world these days. It's hard not to be. Unemployment going higher and higher and many of us expecting more the bad. I believe though that the more we turn our attention and thoughts to forgiveness and to "seeing the good" that we all have here in the U.S., that our thoughts and energy alone will have an impact that we have yet to see.

Let's believe in our country and in ourselves. Believe that the greatest country on earth is fixable, we all simply have to do it together. It is not about one man at the top or many at the bottom. It is about all of us.

I have also learned that the more that I stop worrying about everyone else and focus on me and my own attitude and patience, as well as my own personal growth and expansion, that this will do more good than trying to "help" everyone else be who I think they should be.

Focus on ourselves, and just LET everyone else be.....stop the finger pointing, as 4 are pointing at ourselves when we point that one boney finger at someone else. For together, we can do anything, and we are on the verge of turning it all around. It is not that difficult, no matter what we hear, see or read.

On another note, I want to make my music available for no charge for the next 30 days. Feel free to download it and share as much as you want, for the rest of 2009.  Two songs, I Wanna Go, which is about living your dreams, by dreaming them today, as well as It's Never Too Late, which is about never giving up on who you really are, or what you have always dreamed about. It is as close as your thoughts. Perhaps the words to one of these will inspire you as writing them has inspired me. The words are my life story.

Thank you for your visit here. Please come again soon, and I welcome your thoughts and comments.


**Music Note: 

There is a site-wide player at the bottom that automatically plays when you first come to my site, and it may be accessed anywhere on my site. 

There is the main player however that is on the MUSIC page. That player accesses all of my currently listed songs. You must PAUSE the "site wide" player, at the bottom FIRST though, to use the Music page player. I hope that is not TOO convoluted....

Best to ya..........


January 27, 2009:
I have been thinking a lot about what 2009 is to bring, and the one thing that keeps coming to me is "to just dream my dreams, see them and feel them, and they will come". That really is the ultimate that we can do for ourselves. For as we do, we also affect all of those we come into contact with, as well as the rest of our city, state, country and earth. 

It sounds simple doesn't it, however when we face things daily that conflict with our true desires and dreams, it is not always easy to just shift our thoughts "gears" to the dream and what really does make us feel good. At least that is what our mind and ego tells us. Believe in WHO you are this year and "Speak Only Good"!

I purpose and intend this year of 2009, to declare that I will be see the good in myself and in others, to simply write songs about the good of humanity and continue to believe, along with my desire to see it and be it.

Hallenbecks in North Hollywood was a blast last Friday and I want to thank Dave Harvey and Songsalive (songsalive.org) for all that they do to promote singer/songwriters, not only here in California, but around the world. If you are a songwriter, or know of someone, please refer them to this organization. They are great!!!

I am now working on my February, March and April schedules for singing and sharing. Check here for our next event, coming soon.

As Always, I always want to hear from you.  Your thoughts, your feelings on what you like about my music and words. Please let us hear from you. Go to our CONTACT PAGE for the links and info. Thanks.

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for my mailing list. I appreciate any support you can give as we endeavor to get my music out. Thanks again............

Blessings to you all!!!


January 2009: 

Just got back from a 10 day trip to Virginia and Atlanta to spend some much needed time with family. We are scheduled to play at "Hallenbecks" in Los Angeles on Friday the 16th. We would love to see you there.

December 2008:
Played at "The Mint" in Los Angeles on the 17th with the Songsalive 10th Anniversary Celebration. It was a great evening. If you are familiar with Songsalive, please check them out at www.songsalive.org. They are a great resource for aspiring musicians and songwriters.

November 2008, Update:
We just returned from the TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles. It is a great songwriting/A&R conference. AWESOME!!!........ We were invited to sing at the Songs Alive 10 Year Dinner Celebration in LA on the 17th of December. What an honor and we are excited about that. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

October, 2008 Update: 
We just got back from a little "off" time and are working on our first record deal, and we are also working on fall bookings. 

We have had increased traffic on our page and new listeners. We do appreciate all of you and would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at charleswilliam@swordmedia.com...

We have just finished "version 1" of this site, to introduce me and my music to you, the listener. All of the tracks from "Dream Girl" can be accessed on my "Music" Page. Two of my favorites are "I Wanna Go" and "It's Never Too Late".  I would definitely recommend "Broken Hearted", as well as "Thank You" and "When I Looked", as more relationship songs. There are a couple of fast ones, "Dream Girl" (title song) and "I'm On A Magic Carpet Ride" (NOT Steppenwolf....)

One song, that I particularly identify with is one that I mentioned before called, "It's Never Too Late"....for me, this is an experienced reality.

If You are familiar with Indigo Children, then give a listen to Misunderstood.

There are several different song styles, so let us know what you like best, and as always, your thoughts are welcome anytime.........fire away!!!

Great Vibrations, To You and Your's........

Charles William